John Corcia

President & CEO of Gulstream USA

John T. Corcia is the President and CEO of Gulfstream USA, , a company engaged in management consulting, environmental and regulatory compliance, and investment advisory services headquartered in South Florida.

Mr. Corcia served as President and CEO of North American Technologies Group Inc. (NAMC), a public company engaged in the manufacture of composite railroad crossties from post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, rubber from discarded tires and proprietary materials using an advanced hot mold process. Among other things, Mr. Corcia was responsible for significant increases in production (2X), improvements in process control and quality, selling out the Marshall, Texas production facility under contract and generally turning the enterprise around. Major customers included Class I railroads (Union Pacific, Burlington Northern Santa Fe), short line railroads, international operators and transit lines.

Previously, Mr. Corcia served as Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stablex Canada Inc., from July 1995 to August 2005. Stablex Canada is one of the largest independent processors, treaters and disposers of inorganic hazardous and toxic waste in North America. The company was headquartered in the Montreal, Canada area. Privately held, Mr. Corcia sold Stablex in August, 2005 to Marsulex Inc., an international industrial services company specializing in the growing market of technology-based environmental compliance solutions.

Prior to Stablex, Mr. Corcia was President and CEO of Concord Resources Group, Denver, Colorado, a subsidiary of Consolidated Rail Corporation (CONRAIL), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As an emerging hazardous waste treatment and disposal company, Concord operated two (2) world-class facilities within North America.

He also was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Environmental Systems Company, Inc., Little Rock, Arkansas, where he was directly responsible for operations, sales, marketing, investor relations, regulatory affairs, legal, engineering, R & D, human resources and administration of this leading commercial incineration company.

During Mr. Corcia’s career, he worked for Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation and Corning Glass Works in a variety of operating, technical, engineering, sales and marketing positions with increasing responsibilities.

As a U.S. Army officer, he was assigned to the Army Missile Command in Huntsville, Alabama and the 2nd BN 28th FA, in Ansbach, West Germany. Upon completion of active duty, he was honorably discharged at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Mr. Corcia earned a Bachelor Ceramic Engineering (1967) and a Master of Science in Ceramic Engineering (1969) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. He obtained an Executive MBA through the Program for Management Development – PMD 41- (1981) at the Harvard Graduate School of Business, Boston, Massachusetts.